Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

     Not a fun topic but an important one: teen prescription drug abuse. An excellent overview is here. And the website has lots of excellent information about the issue. Educating yourself, educating your kids to avoid taking medications in abusive ways (not prescribed for them, taken in ways not recommended, taken to get high, etc.), and being watchful for concerning behaviors is important.
     Unusual changes in behavior, finding empty spray containers in their room (inhalant abuse concern), finding empty cough medicine containers in their room (dextromethophan abuse), and other "red flags" are listed here. The Drugfree website also has a clear guide to the different prescription and over the counter medications or drugs that teens commonly abuse -- here is the link to this list.
     If there are concerns about or evidence of drug abuse, we refer children on to the professionals in the Adolescent Medicine department at Nationwide Children's Hospital. A link to their website is here. Please call us if you have questions or concerns. Be vigilant. Be safe.