Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dr. Greg Barrett's Pediatrics Blog -- An excellent essay on Parenting

     Dr. Greg Barrett, M.D. and I spent some time together growing up in Tipp City, Ohio. Our parents know each other well. We both have practiced general pediatrics for over 20 years in Central Ohio.
     Like myself, Dr. Barrett has an excellent blog for parents. I really enjoy many of his topics and essays. Here is an excellent one on parenting. I recommend reading it.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Baby walkers are not safe.

     Although baby walkers -- those contraptions with wheels that hold a baby up and support them -- were popular years ago. There is a picture of me taking on our babysitter's porch of me in a walker before my first birthday. But time has taught us that baby walkers do nothing to teach someone to walk. In fact research has shown they can delay motor (getting around) development. Most importantly, they are dangerous. Many injuries have occurred with infants and toddlers in walkers over the years, mostly from the walkers going down stairs. Although parents tell me they are a good option to partially corral their children, I am convinced the risks are too high to recommend using one.
     Despite them losing popularity some time ago, they seem to be making a comeback. And I highly recommend NOT using one. It is not worth the risk. Here is a link to an article written on Healthy Children's website (excellent resource for families!) that discusses this issue further.
     Again, I highly recommend that your child NOT use a baby walker.