Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting your children to take medication -- part 1

     One of my sons has not been the best medicine taker in our family. We have struggled over the years, especially with getting him to take liquid antibiotics. I will post here my sons method and follow up this with another post sometime soon about other methods.
     I will be honest. Before I had children and then before my one son has been a difficult medicine taker, I thought families that struggle with this were "just not trying". But the truth is many children make taking a routine medication difficult. No medication is liked by all children. Sometimes it is the taste. Sometimes the texture. But I have certainly come to appreciate that getting a child to take their medicine is not a given.
     Through trial and error (plenty of error), my son has found this to work pretty well. We pour the medicine into a medication dosing cup. He sprinkles the top with of the liquid medicine with Nerds(r) candies. He often will then chew up a few Nerds(r) to "get the taste in his mouth". Then he quickly drinks the antibiotic (or other liquid medicine) and chews the candies that were on top. He often follows this with a few more Nerds(r) to "get rid of the taste".
     From discussing this method with other parents, I know others have found this helpful. I hopes this helps someone!

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