Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie and video game ratings

     Every parent struggles with picking or approving of movies and video games for their children. This can be difficult. I personally have had struggles with this issue with my three children. Each family will have their own comfort level with different material. Many times, one scene in a movie or some occasional inappropriate language will tip the balance towards "not right for my child". I think one of things that make a good parent is being able to say "no" to your child when they want to watch or play something when you do not approve of it. Many adults can recall having nightmares from a frightening scene in a movie. Children are especially vulnerable to nightmares from frightening scenes. Exposure to violence, sexuality, and inappropriate language at a young age can make them more accepting of it -- not a good thing at a young age. Children do NOT need to grow up too quick.
     The Entertainment Software Rating Board at www.esrb.org provides the information on the package of video games but many parents will tell you it is inadequate in helping you decide if it is right for your child and family. There are two good websites that can give you more information so that you can make a more informed decision. One of them is Kids In Mind. This site thoroughly covers many parts of the movie and gives you more information to make an informed choice. The other site is Common Sense Media, which gives information about both games and movies.
     Stay involved in your children's choices about television programs, movies, and games. I hope these websites help you make informed decisions.

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