Monday, August 6, 2012

Swine flu and the fair

     As reported in the Dispatch, pigs from the Ohio State Fair have tested positive for the swine flu. There are at least 41 cases (almost all in children) of swine flu confirmed in fair-goers. The basic message is a common one: wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after touching animals. Especially before you eat (where you can pass germs from your hand to your mouth through the food)!
     Remember that despite all the different names for different types of "flu" (influenza), they essentially cause the same classic flu symptoms: fever, aches, cough, cold, stomach upset, and sore throat. Here is a good review of what to watch for with the swine flu and common symptoms.
     Bottom line: your mother was right -- wash your hands!

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  1. Someone asked me if previous H1N1 vaccines or illness would provide protection against this swine flu. I believe the answer is no. The reason is it is a different strain detected at the Ohio State Fair. Be careful out there!