Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hilliard Pediatrics New Overnight Strep Testing

     For 23 years, Hilliard Pediatrics did our over-night Strep cultures in our office. We did this when the quick Rapid Strep test that we do in the office and just takes 5-6 minutes did not show Strep throat. Our cultures were read each day by the doctors and we then treated anyone who we found had Strep throat on the culture.
     For the last few years, anyone seen by Nationwide Children's Hospital and most other pediatrician offices in Central Ohio who had a negative quick test was tested through Nationwide Children's Hospital with a Gen Probe test. The results are quicker than a culture and more accurate. 
     About a month ago, we decided to switch to doing the over-night tests to confirm that someone does not have Strep from our own culture plates to Nationwide Children's ChildLab's Gen Probe. So far, we like it very much. The results come the next day into our inbox on our computerized records. We can often call the families and call in the antibiotics earlier than before (by 9:00 or 9:30 a.m.). We have felt the number of positive Gen Probe tests fits for what "seems right" (about 7-15% of the Gen Probes are positive for Strep). 
     We do not want this more accurate and quicker test to be a financial burden to our families, however. We understand you may get a separate charge/bill from ChildLab through Nationwide Children's Hospital. As we are no longer doing the culture tests in our office, we as an office are saving some expense. Understand that the vast majority of pediatrics offices in Central Ohio are now doing exactly as we are doing. We are monitoring this cost issue and will, as always, keep you posted if we change how we handle this issue.

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