Monday, January 6, 2014

Teen driving

     I have a responsible 18 year old son who had a scary car accident last year. The car was totaled. Thank goodness no one was significantly injured. Teens, for many reasons, are more likely to be involved in accidents and other driving incidents than young and older adults. Improving their skills at driving can save lives, save money, and give us all peace of mind. Although I am grateful that my children are all terrific about using their seatbelts every time they are in the car, I am also grateful that was reinforced when the police officer that responded to the crash told my children they would have had serious injuries if they were not using their seatbelts. When I was in middle school, my best friend died in a car accident when the teen driver of the vehicle drove recklessly.
     There are many resources available to you in helping your child be a safer driver. One is the Check Points Program through the Young Driver Parenting website. Here is the website where this information is available. I think this program has an excellent chance at enhancing the safety of teen drivers. Please check it out!

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