Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Auvi-Q's return in 2017

     A while back the epinephrine auto-injector for severe allergic and anaphylactic reactions called Auvi-Q was taken off the market. The reason was a concern with it delivering the proper dose (0.15 or 0.3 mg) every time, across all the units that were made. The company that originally developed the Auvi-Q is now bringing it back to the market in early 2017 after extensive work to ensure that the units work just right.
     For years, the Epi-Pen and Epi-Pen Jr. have been the leading epinephrine auto-injector. When Auvi-Q was originally introduced, we applauded that it introduced competition to the marketplace (a good thing for consumers). Also nice is that a unit was introduced that would talk someone through the dosing of the injector, which in the frightening situation of a life-threatening allergic reaction may help caregivers or patients use the injector correctly. The size and shape of the Auvi-Q units also have appealed to many patients.
     With recent frustrations with the rising costs of many medications, including the Epi-Pen brand, I welcome the Auvi-Q return in 2017. Here is a link to the Auvi-Q website with further information about their product. Here is a link to the Epi-Pen website. Realize that even with the return of the Auvi-Q to the marketplace, different insurance plans cover these medications differently. Some plans may prefer Epi-Pen, others Auvi-Q. If you have questions regarding coverage, contact your insurance provider in 2017.

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