Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Prenatal Meetings With the Pediatrician

     Many pediatricians hold meetings with expectant families. This allows parents who are expecting their first child to meet with the pediatrician before the birth of their child. This allows you to meet the doctor, see the office, and ask questions.
     We call these meetings "prenatals". We schedule those with one of our doctors and a handful of couples. They are scheduled in the early evening and we meet in our lobby. The doctor will tell you more about themselves, our office, and what you can expect at the hospital and with bringing your child to our office. We will show you our exam rooms. You will have an opportunity to ask questions of the doctor. The meetings usual last 20 minutes or so. If there are a number of questions, they can go longer. If you see a particular doctor at a prenatal, we anticipate that you will have that doctor as your primary care doctor here in the office.
     You do not need to do a prenatal to bring your newborn to our office. You also will not need to let us know prior to the birth of your infant that you are bringing your infant to our office. In other words, you do not need to tell us at the prenatal that you will bringing your child to our office.
     If you are interested in scheduling a prenatal meeting with a doctor here in the office, call our routine office number 614-777-1800 during routine office hours and speak with the front office staff.

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